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Baby’s First Dracula

!!! I need this! I need many copies! One for my Dracula collection, and one for each of the tiny kidlings I hang out with!

I’ve greatly coveted this tiny book ever since I first laid eyes on it.

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Us too girl..us too #Junsu #jyj #dracula #feels #korea #seoul #personal

I’m intrigued and a little scared…


Us too girl..us too #Junsu #jyj #dracula #feels #korea #seoul #personal

I’m intrigued and a little scared…

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MAGICAL MONSTER GIRLS some dumb idea i got and whipped all these girls up, had hella lot of fun

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The Lady of the Manners, gothiccharmschool, reading The Raven. When we told her about this month’s Mister Ghost Parcel, she sent us this wonderful video.

Having met madam, Atticus is convinced her email was sent with a flurry of hand gestures and delightful noises.

Lady Venters is a cloud of night floating on pink twilight, a pleasantly haunted icon teaching us all fantastic lessons about feathers, big skirts, grace, and the pleasures of embracing one’s cliches.

Atticus is not wrong about the email being sent with flaily hand gestures and squeaks of glee. Because this month’s Mister Ghost Parcel has the theme of The Raven, which is a thing of spooky joy! 

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TouhouXdevil mayor cry/hellsing

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The Vampire Artbook is now accepting submissions!
This vampire book focuses on the concept and aesthetics of vampirism, and is looking for artists and vampires of all kinds. Both illustrations and comics are accepted.

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